Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chicago Riverwalk: Lily Pond at Trump Tower Plaza

Chicago Riverwalk..
Lily Pond at Trump Tower Plaza..
Finally I saw the Lily Pond at Trump Tower.. with water-lilies, papyrus and other aquatic plants. I think it's beautiful addition to the Chicago Riverwalk..

Summer in the city

May 10, 2012..
I was following the summertime entry of sailboats to Lake Michigan, through the Chicago River..and the fascinating bridgelifts .. And just before the boats completed their long journey, there was this.. the water arc / water jet  from Nicholas J Melas Centennial Fountain [..click here ] which shoots every hour was in full fury.. It was kind of fun watching this!
Here is the last part of the sailboat's journey..

Crosses the Michigan Avenue bridge..

Crosses the Columbus Drive bridge..

Time to cross the Nicholas J Melas Centennial Fountain..

There was no option.. Maybe they enjoyed the water spray, after a very long journey..

Enjoy your summer stay ...

For more on Nicholas J. Melas Fountain ..click here

Chicago River bridgelifts

DuSable bridge/ Michigan Avenue bridge

May 10, 2012..
A beautiful summer day! And I walked along the Chicago River, to enjoy and photograph, a summer-ritual that takes place each year: Chicago River Bridge Lifts..

Chicago is famous for its movable bridges. Each year in spring and fall seasons, these bridges lift, to accomodate the entry and exit of sailboats and other tall vessels, to and from Lake Michigan, for the summer months.

I followed the bridge lifts from Lake street bridge to Lakeshore Drive bridge..

Lake Street bridge

Franklin-Orleans Street bridge

Wells Street bridge

LaSalle Street bridge

Clark Street bridge

Dearborn Street bridge

State Street bridge

Wabash Avenue bridge

Michigan Avenue bridge

Columbus Avenue bridge

Lakeshore Drive bridge

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wacker Drive Marker

South Wacker Street: 1834
South Wacker Street: 1924

1909 Plan of Chicago, by Daniel Burnham and Edward H. Bennett, had a plan for the development of Wacker Drive into a two-level street along the Chicago River. In 1924, the construction of the east-west portion of the street started. The north-south portion was started only in the 1950s.

South Wacker Street: 1834

South Wacker Street: 1834

South Wacker Street: 1924

South Wacker Street: 1924

South Water Street 1834
South Water Street 1924

Wacker Drive
Begun 1924 Completed 1926

Built by the City of Chicago
Wm. E. Dever, Mayor

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chicago River Bridge Lifts

June 18, 2011..
Chicago is famous for its movable bridges. Each year in spring and fall seasons, these bridges lift, to accomodate the entry and exit of sailboats and other tall vessels, to and from Lake Michigan, for the summer months. And although I take frequent trips downtown, I often miss the bridge lifts. Today was an exception!

Here are some images taken today, as two sailboats Day Star and September Song, made their entry to Lake Michigan through Chicago River. I followed them from Lake Street bridge [South Branch], though all the ten bridges on the Main Branch of Chicago River. These bridges lift and close so effortlessly, it's an absolute pleasure to watch them..

Lake Street bridge, click here..

Franklin-Orleans Street bridge, click here..

Wells Street bridge, click here..

LaSalle Street bridge, click here.. [Only one side opened. The masts of sailboats crossing the bridge can be seen].

Clark Street bridge, click here..

Dearborn Street bridge, click here..

State Street bridge, click here..

Wabash Avenue bridge, click here..

Michigan Avenue bridge/ DuSable bridge, click here.

Columbus Avenue bridge, click here..

Lakeshore Drive bridge, click here..

Enjoy your summer Day Star and September Song!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chicago Harbor Lock: Gateway to Chicago River..

Chicago Harbor Lock..
It seperates Lake Michigan from the Chicago River. Originally, the Chicago River used to flow into the Lake Michigan. With the reversal of the flow of Chicago River in 1900, the river now originates from Lake Michigan, and the water flows towards the Mississippi River and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. So the Chicago Harbor Lock can be called the Gateway to Chicago River or the Mouth of Chicago River.

The locks separating the Chicago River from Lake Michigan did not reverse the river. Instead they prevent too much Lake water from entering the River. Constructed in 1938, the lock is 600-foot long, 80-foot wide and 22-foot deep. It is operated by the OMNI Corporation via contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A new control tower was built in 2006.

Breakwater and the Chicago Harbor Lock..

The above images are taken from the AeroBalloon - floating 40 stories / 350-feet, from above the Navy Pier.. View more images on my Facebook Album.. click here..

Navy Pier, Breakwater and the Chicago Harbor Lock..

# Navy Pier: Chicago Skyline from Aeroballoon ..
# Chicago Harbor Lighthouse..
# Chicago Harbor Lock...
# Chicago Marine Safety Station..